Process optimization and consultancy

There are thousands of books containing many theories and rules for processing plastics. But, in practice, we are often faced with problems that are not so easy to find, and this is often because there are multiple causes. In such cases, a bit of healthy logic combined with a wealth of experience can lead to finding a solution more quickly.

Through our years of experience at Euro-Stel, we have certainly gained a lot of experience with plastics processing. Thanks to thorough studies, research, testing, prototypes and extensive feedback from our customers, we have succeeded in becoming true specialists in the field of plastics processing. Companies can always rely on our experience to solve problems and to optimize their process.

Plastic processors can encounter a range of problems including the following:

  • Insufficient yield
  • Poor melt homogeneity
  • Excessive pressures
  • Poor dosing
  • Excessive wear
  • Excessive temperatures

Euro-Stel is ready and happy to work with each customer, to study the problem or situation and then make proposals to solve it and/or optimize the process. In order to solve our customers’ problems as efficiently and as quickly as possible, it is important that they provide us with sufficient information. We use a questionnaire to ensure that we have all the necessary information from you. You can download this questionnaire in PDF format here. Please feel free to contact us, and fax us the completed questionnaire, we will do our utmost to help you as soon as possible!