Assembly/ disassembly

Barrels, screws and die heads must be removed from the machine from time to time. The parts must be removed for reconditioning, wear-measurement, dimensional measurement or for replacement with new parts.

In cases of extruders and injection moulding machines with larger screw diameters, disassembly and assembly of the barrel and screw can be a difficult task. The parts to be handled are large and the space available is usually restricted. Accurately centring a barrel weighing a few tons according to the centring diameters provided, and setting it perfectly level is not always straightforward. In addition, heavy bolts and nuts often need to be tightened in the correct order, and with the correct preload. This not only requires the necessary experience and expertise, but also the right tools.

Precision assembly of barrel, screw and die head is extremely important. One must take account of, and have experience with, the thermal expansion of steel. A small gap or inaccurate centring can have very serious consequences, due to the high process pressures involved. Improper mounting can damage the machine, and it can cause personal injury.

Not all companies have internal specialists or time to assemble and disassemble barrels, screws and die heads. These companies can always rely on Euro-Stel for this We will send an experienced technician, with all the necessary equipment, to your location to perform the necessary installation and/or demonstration work in a professional manner.