In addition to manufacturing new screws and barrels, Euro-Stel also builds complete extruders. The standards we apply to the extruder are the customer’s ones – that is to say we design each extruder according to the customer’s requirements and wishes. The required aspects such as axis height, machine width, machine wheels, dampers, swing arms, etc. are all included in the design after close consultation with the customer.

We only choose the best materials and parts for manufacturing our extruders. All the parts are of Western European design and the highest quality. When it comes to the extruder’s drive system, we keep up with and apply the latest developments and technologies.


Our machines are equipped with a Compact Motor Gear box (CMG) drive system. This type of drive integrates a very compact, efficient, water-cooled motor and a gearbox into a single system. This makes our extruders extremely compact. We still offer the option of an extruder with a conventional gearbox and motor for those of our customers who prefer to stick with what they use and know well. Their extruder will be less compact than the extruders with CMG, but it will always be built with the same care and high quality standards.


We also take account of each customer’s requirements and wishes in terms of controls and cabling. The extruder can be ordered with or without controls, and customers can choose the type of motor drive if they wish. The machines are supplied with power outlet connections or direct wiring. We supply temperature controllers and pressure modules with the machine or install them if desired.


The security aspect is, of course, also very important to us. Of course, our machines meet all the requirements of the European Machinery Directive. We do not supply “bare” machines. We deliver machines with all the necessary guards to prevent risk of burns or other injuries. Euro-Stel does not only supply very high-quality extruders. We also offer our customers the option to integrate all their requirements and wishes into the machine they buy.