About Euro-Stel

Your comprehensive supply partner in the plastics sector

Euro-Stel has over 30 years of experience. Our company, founded by three experts in metal processing, metallurgy and welding techniques, has gained a significant position in the plastics processing industry over the last three decades.

While our activities were previously limited to repairing screws and barrels for extruders and injection moulding machines, many hours of study and collaboration with plastic processors has enabled us to proudly present our in-house developed screw geometries, which are now patented.

Our activities in a nutshell

  1. Component reconditioning: : While we started with repairing screws and barrels, we expanded our reconditioning work, and now handle non-return valves, die heads, tie bars and other small components too.
  2. Manufacture of new screws, barrels, non-return valves, die heads and tie bars for all types of machines. We carefully select the best options and combinations of geometry, metallurgy and thermal treatment for each specific application.
  3. Extruder assembly /strong>

At your service!

In addition to reconditioning and manufacturing components, Euro-Stel also offers a broad range of services. We are happy to visit your location to carry out screw and barrel wear measurements. We also provide assistance with mounting and dismantling screws and barrels on extruders or injection moulding machines.

European-class quality

We are well-known for our qualitative products and our great expertise in extrusion and injection moulding, both in Europe and around the world. Customers who choose Euro-Stel are opting for process optimization and yield improvement.

Our patented screw geometries with special mixing elements have already proven themselves well. Euro-Stel’s knowledge of metallurgy and special surface treatments ensures that all our products are extremely wear resistant.

Machine assembly

Euro-Stel is not only a supplier of machine components anymore, because we are now machine manufacturers too. Our company manufactures complete, custom-assembled, extruders, ensuring that they meet all the customer’s requirements and comply with the European Machinery Directive. We only use the best possible materials to manufacture extruders equipped with the latest technologies.

“Our primary goal is to optimize our customer’s process. If the process does not meet expectations, we will look for the correct geometries and materials to ensure that everything does so. Even if there are no complaints, we always try to think things through with our customer and improve the process.

Innovative, from the metal to the screw

Plastic processing technologies are evolving rapidly. Euro-Stel follows these evolutions closely. New types of plastic also require different screws, with adapted geometries and other types of metal. And that’s what makes our job so exciting for us!

Our prototype screws are extensively tested and examined on our own laboratory extruder. And we are continuously improving existing products. All this ensures that we can support our customers in all circumstances. And that means now and in the future too.