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Our company is specialised in manufacturing screws, barrels, non-return valves and other components for plastics processing. Euro-Stel has the required know-how and knowledge with regard to plastics to manufacture these components in an appropriate way.

Apart from a thorough knowledge about plastics, the manufacturer of components for plastics processing also needs to be specialized in metallurgy and perfectly master mechanical operations such as turning, milling, grinding, welding…

Although we often also manufacture parts for non-plastics processing companies, we are not a classical mechanical workshop for all kinds of turning, milling and welding activities. We primarily manufacture parts for plastics processing.

The parts manufactured for non-plastics processing companies usually are complex components, requiring different treatments as well as accurate tolerances. These parts generally must be partly reinforced and welded before they are receive their final treatment on the turning centre or the milling machine. The steel grades used are less evident and require appropriate treatment processes. The turning, milling, stabilisation, grinding, welding, hardening and nitration must be carried out under observance of the authorised dimension tolerances.

It is evident that these “special” parts are manufactured in limited batches only. Interested companies can always contact us without any engagement whatsoever. On the basis of technical drawings, we will deliberate and inform you if we can offer this kind of components.



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