Euro-Stel has a lab extruder to perform different tests and analyses. The machine is equipped with many sensors to measure the parameters of the extrusion process, e.g. temperature, pressure and capacity.

The lab extruder is basically used for analysing screw geometries and material behaviour.

Euro-Stel permanently searches better screw geometries with good output, excellent mixing qualities and low process pressure (amongst which also less wear). Different prototypes were elaborated and tested. The results of these tests are our successful Eurostel mixing screw and our high-output Eurostel screw.

We continuously try to improve our geometries and keep testing new prototypes.
Besides a large heating capacity, our lab extruder also has a large cooling capacity, which enables us quickly freezing the melted plastic around the screw, without degradation. When the screw and the congealed (solidified) material leave the extruder, we accurately can analyse the melting behaviour and cycle.
We can also test feeding bushes with and without grooves and analyse different forms of grooves.
Every day, new plastics are launched on the market. Our lab extruder enables us defining the most appropriate screw geometry for every type of plastics.

Many plastic processing companies ask our advice when being confronted with apparently unsolvable problems. We can often provide a solution because of our long-time experience in plastics processing and the test carried out in the past. When we encounter new problems, we can simulate the problem with our lab extruder and find a solution by means of mechanical or parametric modifications.


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