Books provide us with many theories and rules regarding plastics processing. In actual practice, we however are often confronted with problems, for which these books do not offer a ready-made solution, because the problem has multiple possible causes. In such cases, common sense and experience is usually a better combination to solve the problem than thousands of theoretical theses.

Throughout the years, Euro-Stel has acquired a lot of experience in plastics processing. A lot of research, study, tests, many prototype and extended feedback from our customers enabled us to become the specialists in plastics processing.
We put our experience at the disposal of companies to solve their problems and optimise their processes.

Plastics processing companies can encounter all kinds of problems, e.g.:
• Low output
• Bad melt homogeneity
• Excessive pressures
• Bad dosing
• Excessive wear
• Excessive temperatures

Euro-Stel will analyse the problem or the situation together with the customer and then propose solutions to solve the problem or to optimise the process.

In order to be able providing you efficient and fast assistance, we need a maximum of information.
If your have specific problems or questions regarding injection-moulding or extrusion, please send us your coordinates and your data. We will analyse the problem/situation and contact you.
In order to obtain the necessary information, we have compiled a questionnaire, which you can download here (PDF form). Do not hesitate to contact us and send us the completed form by fax; we will do everything we can to help you as soon as possible.



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