Barrels, screws and barrel dies must be removed from the machine from time to time, for overhauling, wear measurement, measuring or replacement with new components.
The mounting and dismounting of barrel and screw can be very difficult, especially on extruders and injection-moulding machines with larger screw diameters. The components to be handled are largely dimensioned and the available space usually is confined. An accurate centring and perfectly level mounting of a barrel of a few tons using the available centring diameters is not that evident. Furthermore, heavy bolts and nuts must be tightened in the right order and with the appropriate pre-tensioning forces. This job requires not only a lot of experience, but the use of appropriate tools as well.

An accurate mounting of barrel, screw and barrel die is extremely important. The thermal expansion of the steel must be taken into account. Because of the high process pressures, the smallest gap or inaccuracy during the centring can have serious consequences. Wrong or inaccurate mounting can cause damage to the machine, but physical injury as well.

When your company has time neither internal specialists to mount and dismount their barrels, screws and barrel dies, Euro-Stel will send you an experienced technician with appropriate tools to perform the required mounting and/or dismounting activities in a professional way.

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