The company Euro-Stel has over 30 years of experience in plastics processing and therefore holds a leading position in this industry. The company was established by three persons with a comprehensive knowledge of metal working, metallurgy and welding techniques. The activities originally were restricted to the repair of screws and barrels for extruders and injection-moulding machines. Many hours of research and a close collaboration with plastic processing companies resulted in the development of proprietary screw geometries that were patented later on.

Meanwhile, Euro-Stel has become a valuable supplier and partner to the plastic processing industry. Our high-quality products and our large know-how regarding extrusion and injection moulding are known throughout Europe and far beyond. Customers entering into a relationship with Euro-Stel are looking for process optimisation as well as an improved output. Our patented screw geometries with special mixing elements largely have demonstrated their capacities. Because of our thorough knowledge of metallurgy and the special surface treatments used, our products are extremely resistant to wear.

Euro-Stel does not only supply machine components. The company also assembles customer-specific, tailor-made extruders with the best materials and equiped with state-of-the-art technologies, meeting all the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

Our activities can be subdivided in three main business fields:

Component overhauling: whereas we originally restricted to the repair of screws and barrels, we now repair non-return valves, barrel dies, tie bars and other small components as well.
Manufacturing of new screws, barrels, non-return valves, barrel dies and tie bars for all types of machines. For each application, we make the best selection and choose the most appropriate combination of geometry, metallurgy and thermal treatment.
Extruder assembly

Apart from overhauling and manufacturing components, Euro-Stel also provides its customers with a large range of services. We regularly visit our customers’ plants to measure the wear of screw and barrel and provide assistance for mounting and dismounting screws and barrels on extruders or injection-moulding machines.
Our main target is optimising our customers’ processes. If the process does not meet the expectations, we try to find the proper geometries and materials to improve the process and increase the customer’s output.

The technologies regarding plastic processing permanently evolve. New plastics require the use of new screws with adapted geometries and other metal grades. That’s what makes our job so exciting and challenging! We start from theories to develop new prototype screws, which subsequently are extensively tried and tested on our own lab extruder.
Euro-Stel always tries to keep up with the latest evolutions and to permanently improve the existing products.
This approach ensures that we are always capable of helping our customers, even under the most unfavourable circumstances, now and in the future.

“Euro-Stel starts where logic ends!”


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