Apart from manufacturing new screws and barrels, Euro-Stel also assembles complete extruders.
Our standard for the extruder assembly is the customer’s standard. We develop and build our extruders in accordance with the customer’s specifications and requirements. Aspects such as shaft height, machine width, machine wheels, dampers, swivelling arms, etc. are all integrated in the design after deliberation with the customer.

We only use optimum materials and parts for our extruders. All parts are made in West-Europe and meet the highest quality requirements.
For the drives of our extruders, we always use the latest developments and technologies. Our machines are equipped with CMG (Compact Motor Gearbox). This type of drive integrates a very small, highly effective water-cooled engine and a gearbox in one compact unit. In this way, we can reduce the size of our extruders.
Our more conservative customers still can order an extruder with conventional gearbox and engine. Although their extruder will be less compact than the CMG-equipped extruders, it meets the same high quality requirements.

As the control system and the wiring are regarded, we take the customer’s requirements into account as well. The extruder can be ordered with or without control system and the customer can choose the desired type of motor drive.
The machines are supplied with connectors or for direct wiring. If desired, the temperature regulators and the pressure modules are included in the delivery or installed.

The “safety” aspect is of paramount importance to us. Our machines meet all the requirements of the European Machinery Directive. Our machines come with the necessary protective devices to avoid burns or other injuries.

Euro-Stel offers high-quality extruders, in which the customer can integrate his specific requirements.


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