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Euro-Stel supplies bimetal and nitrated barrels for all types of extruders and injection-moulding machines. The application, the materials to be processed and the metallurgy of the screw determine which type of barrel, i.e. bimetallic or nitrated, will be selected. The metallurgy of the barrel and the screw must be adjusted to one another in order to ensure that both components have the same lifetime.

Bimetallic barrels diverge among themselves by the alloy used for their core diameter. Bimetallic barrels can be resistant to abrasion, to corrosion or to abrasion and corrosion. To avoid wear under extreme circumstances (i.e. extreme loads), we use bimetallic barrels with tungsten carbide alloys, which are resistant to extreme abrasion as well as corrosion.

Apart from the classic one-piece barrels with filler opening, Euro-Stel also supplies melting units provided with a separate feeding zone with exchangeable bushes. These bushes can be grooved and the geometry of the grooves depends on the plastics to be processed. In case of wear of the grooves, only the bush must be replaced with a new one.

If necessary, all our barrels and feeding zones as well as the flanges can be equipped with water-cooling.

Next to barrels with classic flange joints, we also supply barrels with C-clip connections.

If desired, we include thermocouples, melt pressure transmitters, heating elements, heating cartridges and other peripherals in the delivery of our barrels.

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